A Taste of History with Glenfiddich at the Spoke Club (via Good Food Revolution)

A Taste of History with Glenfiddich at the Spoke Club One doesn’t simply walk into a liquor store with a fist full of cash looking for an expensive hobby.  Scotch lovers are a refined, passionate bunch who are serious about their drink. I felt extremely fortunate to join the world famous Ian Millar (Global Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich) and Ian MacDonald (Head Cooper, Glenfiddich) at the Spoke Club for a master’s class tasting of single malt scotch. Getting right down to business we started with … Read More

via Good Food Revolution


Apple Jacks / Bourbon

Let me tell you something.

I’ve been on a wild search for a new cocktail. Believe-you-me I’ve found it.

After modifying a recipe for bourbon soaked pork I decided to try out a drink called an “apple jack”.

You can use Jack Daniels, but I decided to try this new bourbon from the LCBO:

Apple Jacks:

Fill glass with ice.
1 oz bourbon/whiskey
8 oz apple juice



*** Update:
After the second or third drink we decided that it was better to fill the glass full of ice, half with apple juice and the rest soda water.  The apple juice was too sweet after a while.

Gazela, Vinho Verde

This little semi-carbonated treasure was introduced to me by my friend Max.

Brought to you from Portugal from Charton Hobbs, it goes down easy. “Gazela is a light, fresh, young and floral wine. Serve chilled at 6 – 8ºC, as an aperitif, with salads, fish or seafood.”

Considering it’s under 9$ in the LCBO, what do you have to lose?

Thanks, Max!

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