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I Will Do Anything For Loaf (Meatloaf that is)


I was looking for something equally easy and uncomplicated this Sunday as I’d admittedly gotten into the sauce pretty early.  What? I have no guilt.  I work a lot and I deserve it. Sob, sob.

This is a grownup version of the meatloaf your mom would smear ketchup on in the early ’90s, except it isn’t dry and frightening.

I adapted this recipe from the Jamie Kennedy Seasons cookbook.  By adapt I mean changed the potatoes and added carrots.  The gravy is simply heated up beef demi-glace, which I bought at Cumbrae’s for $6.00 (in the freezers).  Again as I always mention, please buy your meat responsibly.  The few extra pennies you spend towards local, farm raised meat is good for your body, the animals and the environment.  Just do it.

Printable Recipe

I’m unable to control myself.  The song has been stuck in my head since Sunday!

Seared Halibut


Sometimes I’m really in the mood for fish.

As it happens, I couldn’t find grouper (as per Jamie Kennedy‘s recipe). It wasn’t available at my favourite fish monger, Pisces.
I bought halibut instead.

I started off with this delicious tomato consomme:

Tomato Consomme

Consequently, a raft is not a very gorgeous image to the untrained eye.  If you have no experience with consomme, please refer to this guide.


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