Woodlot Restaurant, 293 Palmerston Ave, Toronto

Woodlot, Woodlot, Woodlot.  All the foodies are talking about Woodlot.

We went last night to this wonderful little restaurant/bakery with very great food and unfortunately dismal internet presence.  They have a vegetarian menu and a meatatarian menu, which I think is a fantastic idea.  My friend Adam is the barista during the day there, so go check out his handsome face while you buy a coffee and pastry.

The wine list is affordable.  They also offer two beers at the $5 price point.

What did I eat?  Some tasty, tasty plates.

Click ‘more’ for the food porn photos I quickly and embarrassingly took while hiding my camera under my coat:

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Marben, Brunch

We had a delicious breakfast at the ‘new’ Marben this morning.
Marben is serving brunch on Mondays from 11am until the late afternoon.

Incase you were curious of what the offerings look like, here are some professional high quality iPhone photos:

Left to right:

Pork terrine,  Testina with pommes Kennedy, poached eggs, (My dish) Johns Burger with branston pickle, braised ribs and aged cheddar.

I highly recommend these minuscule gratin fried hash brown/potatoes (pommes Kennedy).  Very reasonably priced and very delicious.  I will definitely be going back.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Hidden away in a little nook in the Liberty/Atlantic area is the super trendy Mildred’s Temple Kitchen.

You’ll definitely wait over an hour to get a seat, but you can wait in their lounge and people watch. By people watch, I suppose I mean watch “yummy mummys” giggle with their babies while jiggling their Tiffany bracelets and balance on Prada heels. You can also have a tasty cocktail or coffee from the bar.

Atmospherically, the place feels like a mix between an art gallery and an Ikea cafeteria. Three cooks plate food atop an alter while the waiters whisk by (all wearing a mandatory costume of Levi’s and black shell toe Adidas sneakers). There are two doors to the back kitchen where cooks come in and out to replentish the plating station.

I still have an uneasy feeling about waiting so long for my breakfast, even though it was tasty and perfect. My advice is to come in, put your name on the waiting list, go to the grocery store to do your shopping for the week and then have them call you when they’re ready. (They did take my number down when I put my name on the list, now I understand why). Just sayin’.



Green Eggs and Ham:


Huevos Monty:


The Huevos had an amazing guacamole with tarragon flavouring. I will definitely come back to try dinner. I hope they take reservations.

Niagara Street Cafe Breakfast (Finally!)

Everyone has been telling me how legendary Niagara St. Cafe is for breakfast.  For the past month on Sundays we’ve been doing a drive-by to discover the doors were shut.  Are they still open? What’s going on?  It was a mystery.  We kept going to our default places.

This weekend we found the doors open and learned that they had closed for other functions.  Persistence never fails.

So if you’ve been meaning to go, I highly recommend it.

What did we eat?


Potato rosti with bacon jam.  ❤  Served as a breakfast appetizer “while you wait”.


A quad of house cured pork.  Chef Liu: “Sorry we were closed, here’s a treat”.
We totally scarfed down the first piece before taking the photo.  It  was that good.


Lamb (can’t remember if it’s neck or tenderloin) with panko crusted egg yolk and arugula salad. Just lush.
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Black Camel Sandwiches

Black Camel is located close to my house (Yonge and Rosedale @ Rosedale station).


They serve an amazing sandwich.  You can select from:

Slow Roasted Beef Brisket
Pulled Pork Shoulder
Seared Steak
Roasted Pulled Chicken
Tomato, Pepper, Arugula, & Eggplant

They take their time making the fillings and it is well worth it.

If you’re uptown I highly recommend it!

McDonald’s Race Specific Marketing

When I first saw this posted on twitter via @ZeFrank, I too thought it was a parody from SNL or MADtv.  The major junk food chain has been introducing appeal and value to Americans by launching race-specific websites.

For example, 365Black is “Deeply rooted in the community!”

Picture 3

“Like the unique African Baobab tree, which nourishes its community with its leaves and fruit, McDonald’s has branched out to the African-American community nourishing it with valuable programs and opportunities”.

McDonalds is celebrating African-American culture 365 days a year (not just during Black History Month).  It’s a place where you can find a job, meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonalds.

There is also an “My inspirASIAN” website dedicated for Asian McDonalds employees and customers.

Picture 4

Will McDonald’s stop at nothing to make a buck?

What do you think of this campaign?

The Saint

What’s going on with this new place on Ossington? Anybody?


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