Drake Hotel Watermelon Eating Contest

I totally forgot to post this little video I made from 86’d last Monday.  Check ‘er out!


My Hungover Kitchen (Video)

A Loving, Cranky, Morning-After Homage to My Drunk Kitchen . (Decidedly funnier, too)



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Whole Foods Rap

DJDave rolls out with this rap video about the trials and tribulations of trying to get into Whole Foods. What a clever little rap!  My favourite line is “I’m riding slow in my Prius.  All leather, tinted windows, you can’t see us”.


Master Chef Final (Funny)

This is hilarious!

Bread People

May I introduce one of my favourite new websites, Bread People.

Bread people is a tumblr blog, using witty play on words combining bread and celebrities such as Robert Dinner Roll (Robert Downey Jr.) & Stevie Wonderbread & Tom Yorke(shirepudding).  Check it out!


PeeWee Herman, Katz Deli



My childhood hero, PeeWee Herman has a Reuben sandwich at the famous Katz Deli in NYC. Reuben, get it? ha ha.

EZ Cracker

No YOU take it easy, Cracker!

I’ve seen a lot of horrible gadgets in my time.  I sometimes find myself getting lost in gadget stores bent over, laughing my ass off (LMAO, for you computer people) over the plethora pointless junk.  The thing is, people buy it!

The EZ Cracker takes the cake.  Can you believe how hairbrained you’d have to be to buy this?  Who can’t crack a #($#* egg?

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, you can get the instant egg scrambler.  You know, incase you can’t use your fingers to pick up a fork and stir eggs clockwise in a bowl.

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