Bourque Street Bakeoff (via National Post)

Amy Rosen did a little write up in the National Post yesterday regarding the Bakeoff I participated in this month.

Strawberry Financier recipe below:

Amy Rosen, National Post · Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010

Two of my favourite things are judging people and stuffing my face, and last week I had the opportunity to do both at the exact same time when I was a judge at a Food Blogger Bakeoff to celebrate the release of Bourke Street Bakery, a fullcolour softcover cookbook put out by Paul Allam and David McGuinness, the bakers and owners of the famous Sydney (Australia) boulangerie of the same name.

The book is gorgeous, inspirational and mouth-watering, with detailed recipes ranging from spelt sourdough bread and brioche, to croissants, savoury tarts, biscuits (that’s what they call “cookies” over there), cakes and pies. Really, anything that you would ever want to know how to bake is in this book, and every recipe looks doable and delicious. But here’s the thing: Most are also time-consuming and take plenty of patience.

And that’s why I’ma cook and not a baker.

Luckily, there are a lot of enthusiastic bakers out there, including our contestants in the aforementioned Food Blogger Bake-off, which was held at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. Kristina Groeger, Andrea Toole, Stephanie Dickison and Joel Solish all chose recipes from Bourke Street Bakery to perfect and present to us judges, including chocolate cherry cookies, gingerbread, Kristina’s winning dish of pulled pork tarts and these easy financiers.

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