Woodlot Restaurant, 293 Palmerston Ave, Toronto

Woodlot, Woodlot, Woodlot.  All the foodies are talking about Woodlot.

We went last night to this wonderful little restaurant/bakery with very great food and unfortunately dismal internet presence.  They have a vegetarian menu and a meatatarian menu, which I think is a fantastic idea.  My friend Adam is the barista during the day there, so go check out his handsome face while you buy a coffee and pastry.

The wine list is affordable.  They also offer two beers at the $5 price point.

What did I eat?  Some tasty, tasty plates.

Click ‘more’ for the food porn photos I quickly and embarrassingly took while hiding my camera under my coat:

Braised lamb tart with Toscano cheese, braised greens, cauliflower cream and arugula.


Smoked whitefish and potato salad with maple mustard, autumn leaves and herbs

12oz West Gray Farms striploin steak with marrow butter, caramelized barley, squash and onions
Roasted haddock gratin with hazelnuts, ham, potato, leeks and cream.
*** Update: Woodlot now has a website: http://www.woodlotrestaurant.com/

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