Nike78 Edible Shoes

Very proud of my friend Paul Jenkins, Graphic Designer over in London, UK who has just launched his Nike 78 project.

Nike 78 is an exciting new project created by Paul Jenkins and inspired by NIKE. Creatives involved will receive a brand new pair of NIKE shoes and will be asked to use sport as inspiration to challenge their function. The project will be documented on this website and after the shoes have been collected, an exhibition showcase is planned for the London Design Festival 2010. This is a unique project featuring some of the most talented creative individuals, studios and other organizations.

I really like the remote control Nikes and the fish tank Nikes.  I especially like Erica Dorn’s Nikes, Graphic designer in London who makes her Nikes edible:

The Marathon Cake is the edible negative calorific equivalent of a full-length marathon. It represents both the hard work put in and the ever-sweet reward after all the hard work. Currently available in white and dark chocolate with buttercream and raspberry laces, exclusively for NIKE78.


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