Dufferin Grove Market

It’s very rare for me to get a day off on a Thursday, however this week I was lucky.  I’ve been meaning to go to the Dufferin Grove Market, which is (guess what?) open exclusively on Thursdays (3pm to 7pm, all year round).

To be completely honest, I spent a couple of hours researching and debating what it was I’d make for dinner. After a while, I decided to close all of the books and let the market tell me what to cook.  I know it’s so cliché, but I was feeling a bit uninspired.

I found some delicious celeriac, collard greens from local farmers. I also found delicious white fish from the Akiwenzie Fish farmers of Georgian Bay.  He packed my fish in the comics, or “funny papers” as I call them.  “Cool, I got the funny papers”, I said.  (Laughing) “I haven’t read them in years, but I do love that damn sudoku”, he replied.

There is a small kitchen serving soups, sandwiches and delicious little banana-chocolate vegan muffins.  If you have the time to go, it’s completely worth it.  Be sure to bring cash, as everything is cash only.


One Response to Dufferin Grove Market

  1. dennisj says:

    Looks awesome Kris! I am waiting for the seasonal markets around me to open up.

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