Umami in a Tube

Well, it seems like this week’s theme is tubes!

A lot of people seem confused by the Japanese term umami (the fifth taste). It’s what happens when something in your mouth is so good, you have to close your eyes. A food-gasm if you will. It’s an experiential process that is personal and unique.

If you’ve ever been unable to stop wolfing down a bag of Lay’s BBQ chips or maybe can’t stop adding MAGGI to your soup, this is a chemical reaction caused by MSG. Although MSG is not the only substance that can cause umami, it is probably the most common in North America. You can also cause umami from having a perfect balance of salt, sweet and sour flavours.

Behold Taste No5 invented by Laura Santtini. Umami in a tube.

Unfortunately it’s only available at Selfridges and Waitrose and La Grande Epicerie. C’est domage. I’d probably brush my teeth with it.


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