Terroir Toronto, 2010

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Terroir at the Hart House (U of T). Terroir is: “A celebration of the hospitality industry, celebrating diverse professionals creating forums and venues where industry members can come together and support each other”.

We begun the event at the insane hour of 7:30am. Insane for a cook, at any rate. Breakfast was brought to us by Hart House, Vertical Restaurant, Crush Wine Bar, Cheese Boutique, Ancaster Old Mill, Langdon Hall, Local Kitchen, The Only on King, and last but not least Niagara Street Café.


We had an hour long talk about the design of the restaurant in the Yankee Stadium (from II by IV) followed by a panel of top food journalists talking about elevating our positions in the culinary world.

My afternoon was spent in an interactive discussion on how to create a local menu. We listened to Jamie Kennedy, Scott Vivian, Mark Cutrara, Joshna Mahraj and Kevin McKennan. We were talking about food. We were talking about food and again, hungry.

Lunch was fantastic. I did lose my menu card, unfortunately and embarrassingly enough. Let the photos put water in your mouth.

Highlights of the day include meeting John Gundy, creeping on Corey Mintz’s -really- soft cardigan, noticing how good JK smells (with Ama), begging David Mitton for Macallans on his whiskey list and making trouble with Ivy Knight and Lauren Wilton.


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