Pot au Feu (via Les Halles Cookbook)

According to Anthony Bourdain, this is socialist soul food meant to make Frenchmen cry.

The aromas coming from the kitchen will torture you for three hours as it cooks.

Served with baby pickles (cornishons), hot mustard and rock salt, I don’t think there could be a simpler recipe.
You can use any combination of meat, really.  I used exactly what was specified, but you could use only brisket, only short ribs.  It’s your choice.  The cheapest beef cuts work best.  You can easily halve this recipe.  I had enough left to make a ridiculous amount of soup.  This would serve six easily.

Printable Recipe

I’d like to take a second to mention that my root vegetables were bought from Fiesta Farms, who is proudly supporting Grow for the Stop. The charity supports both struggling local (southern Ontario) farmers and the less fortunate.  Let’s not forget that the vegetables are certified organic and certified delicious.  Fiesta Farms is located just above Christie subway station at 200 Christie Street. (416.537.1235)


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