Homemade Marshmallows (Corn Syrup Free, Reduced Sugar)

We’re going camping this weekend, so I figured I’d try making some homemade marshmallows for the fire.

Most recipes that I’ve found have massive amounts of sugar. I deleted a majority of it and found a substitute for corn syrup, which is extremely processed and not even food by the time it gets to the store.  There is also powdered confectioner’s sugar being dusted on top, so do the math.

You can call bullshit on me because I’m very sure gelatin is an extremely processed product as well. I was going to try the recipe with agar, but I didn’t.  So, there.  This is my blog, not yours!  😉



Homemade Corn Syrup Free, Reduced Sugar Marshmallows:

3 packages of powdered, unflavoured gelatin (Knox brand is good)*
1/2 cup of ice cold water (put some water in the freezer for a couple minutes)
3/4 cup regular old water
1 1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp kosher salt
Vanilla (or any other flavouring/colouring you like)
1/4 cup powdered sugar (Confectioners)
1/4 cup corn starch (or tapioca flower)

Start by greasing a medium sized pan of your choosing with butter or edible spray lubricant.  I used a 13″ x 9″ glass Pirex.
Mix the corn starch and powdered sugar together and sift all around the edges and bottom.  This is an imperative step.
If you don’t coat the whole pan, the marshmallow will stick and you will not be able to lift it out.


Yeah, just like that.

Next, put three packets of gelatin into a bowl (or mixer you are richer than me).  Add the ice-cold water and stir to mix.  Let sit.

In a saucepan place the sugar, salt and remaining 3/4 cup of water.  Bring to a low boil on medium low.  Set a timer at this point for 10 – 12 minutes.  Let it cook.  Be careful!  Sugar is dangerous!  Just make sure the bubbles are tiny and not raging.

With a hand whip or mixer, break up the gelatin that has bloomed in the bowl.  Slowly pour the hot mixture in and blend on a low setting.  When it’s all combined, turn the power up to high and let it whip for a good 10 minutes.

Pour this mixture into the sugared/floured casserole dish and let it sit for a good two hours.

After it’s set, make some more of the sugar/flour powder if you have none left.  Flip the pan onto some waxed paper like so:


Cut into squares carefully, making sure to coat every individual piece so they do not stick together.


*I did try and fail at making this recipe with gelatin leaves.  Until I know more about how to use them, I will stick with the powdered sort.


9 Responses to Homemade Marshmallows (Corn Syrup Free, Reduced Sugar)

  1. Paul says:

    really looking forward to roast some of these babies on an open fire of doom. with graham and chocolate … yum.

  2. Brit says:

    We followed the recipe step by step and double check everything, as we always do, however, the recipe was a complete disaster!! The marshmallows looked like the jelly filling inside of a Fig Newtons, and taste awful too!! I would NOT recommend this recipe to anyone, unless you wish to laugh at your creation and video the ooze to post on your Facebook profile, LoL! Best wishes, The Parks

    • gringogidget says:

      I’m really sorry that the recipe didn’t work for you.

      I need to make the recipe again soon, so I’ll do a video post. Maybe I’ve left something out? The recipe worked wonderfully for me.

  3. Brit says:

    I think you may have left out a step or the direction were not clear. I think something is incorrect with mixing the gelatin and hot sugar mixture together. I found another recipe and it worked out great. It was similar to yours, however, the directions were a little more detailed. Thanks for you concern and Happy Baking!

  4. Emily says:

    You can find a natural substitute for gelatin at health food stores. I don’t have any at the moment, so unfortunately I can’t tell you what it’s called, but you should be able to find it. Also, for other recipes such as pies and jams, you can use Granny Smith apples. They are naturally very high in pectin that will thicken up very nicely. Thanks for the non-corn syrup recipe!!

  5. mitch says:

    EDIBLE SPRAY LUBRICANT!? I guess I cant use my WD-40 then… darn.

  6. Anna says:

    Wow Kristina! I am definitely going to try these for our trip to the cottage this summer 🙂 You’re amazing girl!!!! Looks yummy!

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