McDonald’s Race Specific Marketing

When I first saw this posted on twitter via @ZeFrank, I too thought it was a parody from SNL or MADtv.  The major junk food chain has been introducing appeal and value to Americans by launching race-specific websites.

For example, 365Black is “Deeply rooted in the community!”

Picture 3

“Like the unique African Baobab tree, which nourishes its community with its leaves and fruit, McDonald’s has branched out to the African-American community nourishing it with valuable programs and opportunities”.

McDonalds is celebrating African-American culture 365 days a year (not just during Black History Month).  It’s a place where you can find a job, meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonalds.

There is also an “My inspirASIAN” website dedicated for Asian McDonalds employees and customers.

Picture 4

Will McDonald’s stop at nothing to make a buck?

What do you think of this campaign?


2 Responses to McDonald’s Race Specific Marketing

  1. El Fublo says:

    nice one KG … we’ve got this in UK — getting mums into coaching (and into our restaurant innit?!)

  2. gringogidget says:

    Yes, let’s be good soccer moms and feed our children disgusting food because “we are too busy being awesome to cook”.

    I like McDonald’s, it has its place. 3:00am, drunk, don’t know my name, make the taxi go through drive through. That only happens maybe twice a year though?

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