Film: Julie and Julia (Child)

After devouring Julia Child’s “My Life in France” I became confident about excelling in the chef world.  Though Julia was truly an aristocratic American living in France, she relentlessly immersed herself in French culture.  She didn’t only move to Paris with her husband, she became Paris.  This book was a page turner for me, especially because I love travel, food and history.

Here I am watching TV.   I find out that basically, there’s a movie about this book.

It seems pretty corny that they had to modernize this story by paralleling Julia to a food blogger.  I feel that Julia Child’s story is sufficiently interesting.  I’ll no doubt watch the movie regardless,  I’ll just close my eyes or play with my iPhone (inside my purse, on lowest brightness) during the blog-her parts.  (barf).

Let’s not forget that Julia Child was also recently declassified as a CIA agent.


One Response to Film: Julie and Julia (Child)

  1. Sheryl Kirby says:

    The parallels to the food blogger were done by the blogger herself – first on her blog where she worked her way through a Julia Child cookbook, and then in a book she wrote about the experience.

    It is suspected that the Julia Child half of the film will be stellar while the blogger half will be as annoying and insipid as the Julie and Julia book was.

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