“Good coffee” is a very subjective term.  I like coffee that functions.  It is a drug after all.

My fist job was in a coffee shop, as it happens.  I actually went to “coffee college”, taught by lady not unlike a hyper Jack Russel on crystal meth.

According to Ted Lingle, coffee has to be brewed at 195 – 205 degrees F.
Don’t have a thermometer? Don’t worry.  That’s the temperature I calculated just after taking the water out from boiling in the kettle.  Phew.

The quality of water highly affects the coffee as well, apparently.  Go ahead and buy some Jean Paul Gaultier water (not even joking).  I’ll stick to the tap.

The correct ratio of ground coffee to water is 2 tablespoons to one cup.  That is really the most important part.

I found some coffee in Kensington Market in a store called Moonbean.  It was very delicious to my taste buds, you ought to try it some time.

Oh and there was time for a hotdog today too:

WHAT?  Hotdogs are food too!


3 Responses to Coffee

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  2. Courtney says:

    i miss moonbean. their banana coffee was to die for.

  3. Uh says:

    “Fist job” coffee, eh? Well, I hope Juan Valdez had small hands.

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