Mario Batali, Babbo

I heard the other day that Gweneth Paltrow gave Mario Batali a gym membership as a gift.  Apparently he’s her only “fat friend”.  Well, no wonder.  He eats amazing food.

I am a cookbook FREAK.
I am running out of places to put them, actually.

I made a glorious recipe from the Mario Batali Babbo cookbook.
If you look really closely, it looks like his beard has been altered by Photoshop.  Hilarious.
This cookbook has a massive section on fish dishes.  I especially enjoy eating fish in the summer.

I made the Big Eye Tuna al Torocco (meaning with blood oranges).
I found some glorious ingredients from Pusateri’s, which I’ve just discovered is 100 feet from my house.

Please excuse the presentation.  I was drinking while cooking (again).  Probably not the best combination ever.

The tuna has a dried potato/herb crust and is cooked rare.
The bed underneath is a salad of mizuna, sweet garlic cloves, radicchio, radishes, scallions and blood orange vinaigrette with parsley oil.

I give this cookbook a 10/10.
In addition to beautiful mains, the desserts are simplistic and flavourful.  It’s made me want to go out and research Italian baking further.  A good cookbook is meant for inspiration.

Consequently, I paired the meal with this wine:

I quite enjoy tuna with red wine.  I’m unsure if it’s still faux-pas to drink red with fish.
I’m no sommelier, but I try my best.


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