Rabbit is a new meat (to me, anyway).

I don’t usually venture out into the market looking for it or usually ever crave it on a menu.
It just happened to land in my lap in our school repertoire.

The following is not safe for vegetarians. (NSFV)
I’m warning you.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the dish we made in class.  I thought it was particularly tasteless.
A lot of my colleagues remarked how it “tastes like chicken” (I was rolling my eyes at this point).
According to my chef: “A rabbit has to keep its head on when sold because without it it resembles a cat”.  Wow.

I am a large fan of game, however and I won’t let one experience change my mind.
In this summer I’m going to seek out a serious hare recipe.  Perhaps Hausenpheffer ?

What are your thoughts on the bunny?
Do you have any recipes to share?


4 Responses to Rabbits

  1. Cattibal Lector says:

    Can i cook a cat to this recipe

  2. gringogidget says:

    Hey, you know they do it in other countries so whatever.

    Just not my cats, alright?

  3. Kristen says:

    I’ve only had wabbit once (al cacciatore) and found the meat tough. Will not go looking for it either but will give it another shot if a nice tender one falls on my lap.

  4. dont touch my knife says:

    tee hee, the “meow” shot is now my psp’s wallpaper to discourage vegans from talking to me.

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