Bloody Beetroots

Besides loving the music by the Bloody Beetroots, I also LOVE the spectrum of red and all it has to offer.

Stealing a technique I saw recently, I decided to make some beet juice for food colouring.
Needless to say, it was a lot of fun:

All there is to it is to cook some beets in foil for about two hours at 375.  You can tell they’re done when you insert a knife and it comes out easily.

Let the beets cool and grate them into some cheese cloth.  Make a funny looking ball with the cloth and squeeze out all of the crimson goodness.

You can flavour anything with this, get creative.  You can even be a freak and gross people out by looking dead.

I’m competing in the CFRA trade show tomorrow, so I’ll have to show you what it was I did with the beautiful red beet blood.

If you want to know any tips about getting the stain off your fingers, I don’t have one.  There’s still a dribble of red down my face as I type.

Good eating.    – KG


2 Responses to Bloody Beetroots

  1. Courtney says:

    the other day i had a pre-juiced container of beet juice and i dropped it on the floor and it splattered everywhere. it looked like someone had died. it even got on my legs.. not cool.

    • gringogidget says:

      Haha, you’d think I’d hate beet juice after all that juicing. I only in fact hate kale juice. It can go straight to hell. *Allgreenmumblegrr*

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