A Delicious Night with Mark Thuet

I had the pleasure of helping my demo teacher, Chef Loizou at his demo spot tonight.

The guest tonight was Mark Thuet himself. My hero.

I was so beside myself I didn’t even know what to say. He is hilarious, vivacious, likes to swear quite a bit and can’t go more than 45 minutes without a cigarette.

He kept calling me names like ‘sweetheart’. It was very cute. Him and his friend were speaking French to each other. I heard him say “Be careful, this one knows what we’re saying”. He kept giving me instructions in French and I felt proud that I understood every word. I would usually nod because my French grammar is embarrassing, despicable at best.

Oh, the food. Right.

Green and Blacks chocolate was the sponsor.

He made a delicious Gelée au Chocolat.

He also made Porcelet on top of Soft Polenta:

He left just as quick as he came, jittery and swearing for a cigarette.
You can’t get any more French than that.


One Response to A Delicious Night with Mark Thuet

  1. beth maher says:

    French people are awesome! I had a professor at OCAD who was very similar. I’m so excited for all this inside Toronto culinary scene info you’ve been gathering.

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