Gordon Ramsay: Claridges

I haven’t posted too much lately as I’ve been in exam hell and have JUST left for vacation.

I have a real treat for you today.  My Christmas present this year from my amazing boyfriend was dinner at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges in London.

It was such a pleasure to dine here.

When we were finihsed the front of house manager came over.  “So, I hear there are some Canadians here from George Brown Chef School”.  Ah yeah, turns out he went to Ryerson for Hospitality.  Even crazier, his brother lives in my friend Dan’s building back home in Toronto!”.  “The big pink condo at __ and __”.  Incredible!

“Let’s look in the kitchen, then”, Mr. Carter says in his island accent.

It’s busy, it’s hot, everything I expected.  The greatest pleasure of all was to finally see a proper brigade system in effect.  Everything I’ve been reading about this year, except in action.  A larder, a grill station, a saucier, a proper desert station.  It was the first time in my life I was at a loss for words.  I was so incredibly excited I was almost shaking.  I got to meet Sous Chef Allen and he stopped to talk to me for a bit.  He was incredibly nice (and young).  It was nothing like the Ramsay kitchen experience you’d expect from television.  Everyone spoke about him with great respect and admiration.

As for the food, words can hardly describe the sensory explosion.  I’ve added descriptions to each individual dish on Flickr.

It’s the first sunny day in London so far, so I’m rushing a bit here so I can get out there!

Any questions welcome.  I am still floored from the experience.



2 Responses to Gordon Ramsay: Claridges

  1. Kristen says:

    That’s Fantastic!

  2. Wow, I feel so much better.

    My wife and I were in Gordon Ramsay at the London (both in LA and New York) last month and were laso atking photos of all of our dishes. I don;t feel like such a touist now. Although I did also snap photos of the bar and toilets – maybe I’m just easily impressed?

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