Chocolate Tempering

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous this holiday season, you can make chocolates as gifts.

We made some in class today.  Please excuse the camera phone pic, it’s all I have for today.


hmmmmm chocolate

hmmmmm chocolate


I’ll do a recap on what I learned today.  It was a lot simpler than the way it was explained to me in my previous job.

– Semi-sweet chocolate (this is Lindt) must be heated on a double-boiler to no more than 50 degrees C.  You cannot get any water into the chocolate or it will seize and not hold shape.

– You must cool chocolate down by adding slivers of chocolate or chopped chocolate, CONTINUALLY stirring!

– You can then begin to put your chocolate into moulds, or make medallions at 32 degrees C. 

– If the temperature drops below 30C, you must repeat from step one.  Annoying, but if you work fast it ends up alright.

– Leave the chocolate to dry.  Refrigerating it is actually bad.  It forms white crystals which are edible, but an undesirable colour.

You really can do anything with the chocolate.  You can make a log with nuts, you can add cornflakes (both pictured above.  I was even thinking about doing a Fruit Loop chunk medallion or a Captain Crunch bar for a campy treat.

Have fun with it, it’s really a pretty good way to make homemade presents.  I encourage any questions in the comments.

Wish me luck on my finals !!


One Response to Chocolate Tempering

  1. Courtney says:

    did you make macaroons?? coconut chocolate love?

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