Smokes Poutinerie

Smoke's Poutinerie


vs. Montreal Poutine

vs. Montreal Poutine




Well, here it is!.

Hi and welcome to my first post.

Today I have the privilege to tell you about a new little place that opened up this week called Smoke’s Poutinerie

Being a Toronto native, I must be clear that I am a frequenter of La Belle Provence, Quebec. I have been stuck in a Montreal snow storm, I love Martin Picard and my favourite bagel is of course from St. Viateur’s. That being said, Smoke’s is a franchise that has now opened up above the beloved Burrito Boyz. Being a purist, I decided to have the “original” poutine. The cheese did indeed “squeak like two balloons making love”.

The chicken gravy was the perfect consistency. If I had to criticize I must say that there wasn’t enough gravy for my fries and that it wasn’t hot enough to melt the cheese curds. Fairly enough, Steve (the person I had the pleasure to dine with) had extra gravy (with bacon) which was plentiful and smelled like heaven.

Criticism at this point is unfair because Smoke’s opened their doors less than a week ago.   I simply felt that I’d reiterate the experience as best I could.  

Smoke’s is incredibly delicious and the closest us Toronto people will get to poutine.   I will return most likely after a night of heavy drinking, tumbling down Adelaide street towards home.


5 Responses to Poutine!

  1. Courtney says:

    need it. now.

  2. Wayne Mohammed says:

    It is delicious!

  3. JESS says:

    Ya Poutine… The one at Au Pied de Cochon in MTL with Foie Gras was so good, though my heart stopped for a few beats.

  4. sho’ nuff…about time!

  5. Steve says:

    The pleasure was all mine being able to dine with you! My only criticism was my half-box portion compared to your mammoth up-to-the-brim portion =(
    Otherwise though….delish!

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